CHAB -Center for Historical Archaeology and Buildingconservation Ltd. is a small company established in 1997 and situated on the island of Gotland, Sweden. We provide products and services within archaeology and building conservation.

In 2010 we started producing wooden finds boxes for our own purpuses. Soon we discovered the need for other products from several archaeological companies, museums and universities. As far known, we are the only specialized manufacturer of archaeological equipment in the world.

All the product are developed and manufactured in our own workshops on demand in small scale. The products are especially developed for archaeology with great focus on usefulness, ergonomics and transportation.

Peter d’Agnan, curator/CEO

Wooden finds trays

The trays are made in high quality Gotlandic planed pine with a bottom of oiled hardboard. They are glued with strong wooden glue and  clamped and nailed for best strength. The standard size is 550x440x73mm, and fit most shelf systems according to Swedish archeological standard. They can also be ordered in special sizes.

Price: please contact us for inquiries outside Sweden.

Field markers

Our markers are especially developed for archeology. They are made from planed hardwood and painted with eco friendly waterbased oil. Thanks to the quality they are form stable, stiff and water resistant, allowing long term use even in hard clay and frozen soil.

Price: please contact us for inquiries outside Sweden.

Finds shelfs and wagons

For storage keeping of finds trays, we offer aluminum shelfs for 18 trays and wagons for 8 trays. The shelfs have adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces. Two top planes are adapted for larger finds.

The aluminum products are approximately 55×51cm, bolted and riveted, making them stable, robust, lightweight, movable and age-resistant. The height of the storage shelfs is approximately 205 cm and the wagons are approximately 110 cm.

The wagons have lockable wheels and a wooden top. Both wagons and shelfs can be produced in special sizes.

Price shelf/wagon: please contact us for inquiries outside Sweden.


The multifunctional sieves manufactured with special attention to ergonomics have durable wheels and are easily tilted for emptying soil. There are surfaces on the sides for placing buckets before emptying and the legs are easily adjusted. The sieves are sturdy but at the same time light to move and ship, thanks to the light weight and compact construction. They are made of stainless steel, reinforced welded aluminum profile and 4 mm acid-proof stainless steel mesh.

Accessories that are available are side-hanging finds trays of stainless steel, combined water drainage board/table top for, and aluminium feet. All wear parts including the mesh are replaceable.

Price: please contact us for inquiries outside Sweden.

Gotlandic hoe

The so called Gotlandic hoe is a perfect complement to the trowel and spares your hands and wrists by being more ergonomic. It has a light aluminium design with replaceable handles and blades. The hoe is available in 2 versions, short for kneeling and long for standing position.

Price long/short: please contact us for inquiries outside Sweden.

Site label

Site labels in white painted steel are designed to replace all markers on site. The site labels are multifunctional and have a simple construction where the label serves as a fastening for the cut string. One loop at one end for horizontal adjustment and pinch the line at the other end. No more knots or time-consuming tangled strings!

Price: please contact us for inquiries outside Sweden.

Hand held broom

Small hand held broom made of hardwood with long and sparse plastic brush, perfect for cleaning between stones. Long life thanks to the plastic brushes.

Price: please contact us for inquiries outside Sweden.

Order and delivery terms

We have no restriction policy regarding the minimum amount of units per order! VAT, shipping and packaging are not included in prices. Orders are made on demand by e-mail for invoice. Payment due is 14 days. Delivered goods remain the seller’s property until full payment is paid. Production and shipping within EU takes normally 3-5 week depending on orders. We reserve the right to design- and material changes. Customers outside Sweden are responsible for any additional costs for customs and reverse VAT.